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Kusari Gama


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The kusarigama (chain-sickle) is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of a kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) on a metal chain (manriki) with a heavy iron weight at the end. Though the kusarigama is derived from a farmer’s scythe, and though the sickle was often carried as a weapon during the feudal era of Japan, these farmers did not carry kusarigama. Its purpose as a weapon was very obvious, so unlike a sickle, it could not be carried openly. The art of handling the kusarigama is called kusarigamajutsu.

Material: Ash

Options: Come with a poly urethane finish for durablility

Weight 4.0 lbs

Steel, Black Finish

5 reviews for Kusari Gama

  1. Micahh Fries

    “Looking for a high quality chain-sickle? You just found one! I had to wait a couple weeks, but it turned out to be one the best martial arts tools I own. “

  2. Lea Givens

    “The kusari-gama is Outstanding! The Real Deal. By far the best one I’ve ever seen. It is not cheap in quality or price but you get what you pay for. Actually, I think in this case, you get More than what you pay for.”

  3. Micah Fries

    “This is most likely of the highest quality you find in a kusarigama (at least online, without custom making your own). If you plan to buy only one item from Kongoshin Armory, this should be the one. Pricey? Yes. Poor quality? Absolutely not! “

  4. Christopher

    “Kongoshin Armory was very responsive and helpful with the questions and requests I had. A great deal of personal care and attention to detail was put into my orders.”

  5. William Byrd

    “Craftmanship is top-notch. Very sturdy, considering it has a full tang throughout the handle. Chain is nice, and the weighted end piece is simple yet elegant.

    I am VERY pleased with my new Kusari-gama, and will be picking up more items from the Kongoshin Armory!”

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