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Kusari Fundo


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Kusari-fundo is a weighted short chain weapon that is closely-related to the kusari-gama in application. It is a close range weapon. It is generally constructed of a non-reflective etched steel chain or thick rope for training purposes. This flexible weapon can be used to strike, snare, or entangle an assailant or their weapon.

Material: Mild steel

Options: Offered in bare steel lightly oiled or the more traditional looking black acid etched

Weight 1 lbs

Steel, Black Finish

2 reviews for Kusari Fundo

  1. Jeremiah

    “Well made, thanks! “

  2. Jeff Rogers

    “Recntly received my Kusari Fundo. It is absolutely amazing. Excellent craftsmanship, perfect length, and the weight is awesome. I will definately be ordering more productss from Kongoshin. Jutte and small senban are next. Well worth the price and, again, excellent craftsmanship.”

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