Bujinkan Kongoshin Dojo

Our Dojo

Located along beautiful lake Champlain in the scenic Green Mountains, The Bujinkan Kongoshin Dojo is the oldest Bujinkan Dojo in Vermont. We are a fully licensed, traditional martial training environment endorsed by Grandmaster Hatsumi. The dojo itself and many of the tools we train with, are hand crafted by some of the senior students and Jessy James Amblo, our Shidoshi.

Every year, Grandmaster Hatsumi reveals the theme of study to be conducted for the year. Jessy travels to Japan to train with Grandmaster and his Shihan to get the heart and feeling of the area of study. This, in turn, is the assigned training for the year Jessy brings home for us. The heart to heart, person to person (Isshin Denshin) training with Grandmaster and his Shihan is absolutely essential. We train very hard with each other to make our Budo real.

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