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Kakushi With Tab


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A Kakute also known as: Tsunode and Kakushi are worn over the middle finger is the most inconspicuous of the ningu. At a glance it may only appear to be a finger ring. These fit nicely in your hand and don’t cut into your palm. The tab has a hole for attaching rope such as when using this weapon in conjuction with Hojojutsu (arresting rope) techniques.

Size: ½ in. thick 1 1/4 long 1 1/8 in. wide. The ring hole is 7/8 in. wide or a USA ring size of 13

Material: Mild steel

Options: This is offered in steel lightly oiled and black acid etched

Weight .04 lbs

Steel, Black Finish

1 review for Kakushi With Tab

  1. Steve Wolfrom

    “SHARP – this is a THICK no-nonsense tool. Very sturdy, nice large hole for rope or swivel – the best I have seen to date!”

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