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Finger Ring Shuko


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This is derived from a picture that one of our teachers has. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, the claws don’t dig into you.

Size: ½ in thick 4 ½ in. long 1 ¾ in. wide claws are 1 1/8 in long ¼ in thick. The ring holes are 7/8 in. wide or a USA ring size of 11.5

Material: Mild steel

Options: This is offered in bare steel lightly oiled or the black acid etched

Weight 0.63 lbs

Steel, Black Finish

1 review for Finger Ring Shuko

  1. Steve Wolfrom

    “A VERY solid tool – the tines are not razor sharp, thankfully, but can rip/tear easily. Heavy construction and comfortable for a medium to large sized hand.”

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